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XXL Leg Workout Lawrence Ballenger

Hey, everybody. This is Lawrence Ballenger,Team Bodybuilding , a Team Dymatize athlete. Today, we're here to show youguys a great leg workout that really helps to promotegrowth in your quads or hamstrings and your glutes, and the great thing aboutthis workout is that you can use this precontest orany time throughout the year

to really help gain sizeand definition in your thighs. This workout is more focusedon your actual hamstring, calves and glutes,more than just your quads. 'Cause usually when youdo any other leg workout, you're mostly focusing on yourquads and you kind of leave your whole back side alone. So this is a great wayto actually incorporate your hamstring and glutes

so you can actually makeyour squats stronger, your lunges stronger, and get a moredeveloped physique. The great thing aboutall this exercise is we'll be ranging from supersets topreexhausting to heavy weights so you'll be able to incorporatealmost every different type of training insidethis workout. So it'll be really hard,really strenuous,

and it should bea great time for you. Today's workout is designedfor anybody from the beginners all the way tothe advanced level, people that have beenworking out for years. This workout's really great justbecause you add the weight and incorporate your resttime depending on how long you actually been working out. If you're a beginner, you mightneed a little bit more rest time

so 60 seconds is greatbut if you're a expert, you up the weight, cut the breaktime down to 45 seconds and then that'll help youprefatigue your muscles and really getyour blood flowing. You'll really get the growththat you're looking for. So we're gonna getstarted with a warmup. It's really, really simple. We're gonna start withthe Stairmaster today,

just somethinga little bit different. You can start onTreadmill or Elliptical, whatever works for you. We want to go at a slowto a moderate pace and just want to getyour blood flowing. You really want to focuson squeezing your glutes, squeezing your hamstrings andreally contracting those because that'sa lot of the focusis gonna be on your glutes

The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us Theyre Not

(playful whistling music) Vitamins are the key to health and perhaps the cure for the common cold. Now how many of you have everheard of vitamin megadosesé Adam I have, but I'vealso heard of fairies and the Lock Ness monster and those won't cure yourcold either. (laughs) Whaté

Vitamin supplements (annoyedgroans) don't cure colds, they don't prolong yourlife, and in some cases they may actually be harmful. So, what are vitaminsé Huge pills that smell like old olivesé Wrong! Anyone elseé Here we go. Candy that's shapedlike cartoon characters.

Wrong again, you're boththinking of vitamin supplements. What are the vitamins themselvesé Little bits of goopthat your body needs, I love you Tod. Exactly, they're a collectionof various micronutrients that are essential for yourbody to function normally. Yes! So vitamins make us healthy. (tire squealing)Except that by definition

vitamins are nutrients we onlyneed a tiny little bit of, and normally we get plentyof them from the food we eat. But what if I contract scurvyé You won't, scurvy is caused by an extreme lack of vitamin C. Pirates used to get itbecause they ate nothing but hardtack biscuits for months. But if you eat normalfood in normal quantities

you'll be fine. Like, just eat a lemon ever. (chomp) Me gums feelbetter already indeed. But getting morevitamins is even better. No it isn't. Vitamins are sorta like cats. If you have no cats you'll be lonely, if you have a cat ortwo you'll feel better,

but that's enough cats. No one needs to load up on cats. (meowing and purring) And just like with cats youdon't want to overdo it. Studies show that takingtoo much of some vitamins like A, D, or E canactually make you sick. Well, even if that's true, megadoses of vitamin C will cure

Food Based vs Synthetic Vitamins

Hey, guys, Axe here, Wellness Physician,Nutritionist and Founder of draxe . In today's tutorial, I'm going to be talking toyou about the difference between synthetic vitamins and wholefoodbased vitamins andsupplements. And listen, there is a big difference, andI want to give you this warning. If you are taking the wrong type of supplements, especiallythe wrong type of calcium, it can actually increase your risk of a heart attack and stroke. And here's the reason why this works. A lotof these synthetic vitamins and supplements today are made from ground limestone and rocksbecause there are minerals in rocks, it's

the cheapest place to get them, or also fromground mineral salts. And the type of minerals in there are notnatural for your body. Just to let you know, there are a lot of different types of minerals.Even in calcium, there's calcium carbonate, calcium malate, calcium citrate, calcium chelate.There are all these different forms of calcium. And calcium carbonate is the form of calciumfound in a lot of these cheap, synthetic vitamins today and your body doesn't recognize it.In fact, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, quot;The British MedicalJournalquot;, found that if you are taking a synthetic calcium supplement, it can increase your riskof a heart attack and stroke by over 30%.

And so . . . and that's because another journalsaid only 5 to 30% of these synthetic vitamins like that calcium is being absorbed into yourbloodstream. So listen, when you're buying vitamins and supplements, you get what youpay for. You absolutely want to be investing and getting higher quality, rather than thesynthetics. So again, synthetic, your body recognizesit more as a toxin, not near as much of it is absorbed. And you might have paid for halfof, for a cheap vitamin, you might have paid half the price but you're going to pay theprice with your health. And also, you're absorbing 5% of it, so it really isn't effective.

And here's the difference between syntheticand foodbased supplements. Synthetic is just that. It's been taken from an unnatural sourcefor your body. A wholefoodbased supplement done in two ways. It's either taken rightfrom a food, so for instance broccoli, you're taking the calcium from there. Or else, the way that the top companies dotoday, as well as the supplements that I personally take and usually recommend to patients, arecreated through fermentation. So, through probiotics. So what you can do is if you're creating awholefoodbased vitamin C supplement, you

can take vitamin C from broccoli, which isa very small amount, but then you can ferment it just like you turn milk into kefir. Andthose probiotics and enzymes help support the growth and creation of more vitamin C.It makes it more absorbable. And that's how the top companies, wholefoodbasedcompanies, is they do a combination of extracting vitamins and minerals from plants and thenfermenting them. And that's how you get real, wholefoodbased vitamins and supplements. And only the top brands in the world, likeAxe Naturals, MegaFood, Garden of Life, those are the only three companies I know that actuallydo the wholefoodbased fermentation in their

vitamins and supplements. So again, scrap and get rid of these syntheticvitamins today. Load up on wholefoodbased vitamins and supplements, and if you wantto learn more, hey, check out my website, draxe . That's draxe In fact, I've got a great article on therethat's titled, quot;Why Some of Your Supplements Are Made or as Bad as Shower Scumquot;, and soreally going through what to look for in your vitamins. So you search supplements on there,you'll find that. Also, hey, if you want to learn more aboutthe best natural remedies, herbs and plantbased

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