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How To Keep A Food Journal

gt;gt;MARK: Hi, I'm Mark Perry the creator ofBuiltLean , and today I'm going to show you how youcan count your calories pretty easily, and I think tracking your caloriesis the single most important thing you can do to improve your eating habits. And in fact, for me, I would say it's definitelythe most important thing I've ever done to improve my health and wellbeing. I thinkthat's a big statement but I'll stand by it. And so, there are three ways that you canessentially count your calories

or track your calories so that you can kinda seehow you're eating and make adjustments to youreating habits. The first, and which is what I recommendis using a mobile application. If you have an iPhone, I've got an iPhoneright here, my favorite calorie counting app byfar is the Lose It! application. What makes this application so effectiveis that you can essentially have your favorite foods

so you don't actually have to search for them,you can have your favorite meals so you don't have to constantly put inthe various foods and you can add custom foods that arenot on the database. Just those three things right there, make it tremendously easy to count yourcalories. In terms of the Droid, I actually have aDroid I use, I think the Calorie Counter is the way to go, it's not as goodas Loe It!, Lose It! unfortunately doesn't have aDroir version, or a Blackberry version yet.

And then, for the Blackberry I recommendLiveStrong. And, just another thing, you don't haveto do this for like, the rest of your life. Even just a few dayscan make a huge difference which is personally how long I did it for. Okay, so that's the mobile applications,then you can do with the old school way, which is with the food journal. And so right here I'm essentiallykinda just tracking my calories, got my breakfast here, made my lunch,and you can also see I have absolutely

terrible, terrible handwriting, so I actuallyhave a food journal I created for you, on BuiltLean , I have a buch of kinda tipsthat you can use, I even have a better template, and then also I got a blank daily food journal right hereagain, it's a little bit more detailed, you just fill it in, should be pretty easy.Finally, the third version or the third way to do it is youactually just create like a spreadsheet of the foods that you want to eat so,the foods are actually predetermined. This is actually what fitness modelsand bodybuilders do, you know,

when they're prepearing for competitions,and really holding in on changing their bodies, and this is personally what I've done, IfI really want to get extreme, and I really want to get a very low bodyfat percentage, just for kicks or a hobby, whatever. I mean, this is what you know, kinda seriousathletes do as well. Again, I wanna emphasize, if you've neverdone this before, don't even contemplate, just do it. Evenfor a few days, it's worth your time. I tell you, it's the most important thingI've ever done to change your eating habits

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