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Workout Routines To Build Muscle

Train Large Jay Cutler Living Large MassBuilding Workouts Training Tips Nutrition Plan Ep 2

You know, you're askingme if I get sick of being a bodybuilder. Never. I mean, I love liftingweights, that's what I do. Let's go, Jay, come on. Come on, come on.

Stack 'em is the show. Come on. Almost every night, seriously,quot;When is he coming iné When's he coming in nextéquot; What do you think peoplethink when they see Jay in the gymé Most of 'em can't believethat they can be that big, to be honest with you.

First time you see him,it's a lot of looks. Everyone goes shakes his hand,interrupts his workouts, takes pictures. That's excellent. Appreciate it, man. But Jay has never turnedone person down ever to take a picture, to do an autograph,to talk to someone. He's always been out of hisway to help everyone out.

When Jay comes in, everyonewants to be like Jay. Not like Mike, everyonewants to be like Jay. The biggest achievement thatI'd never expected was to give the motivation to a lot ofpeople when I was just trying to be motivated myselfto go to the gym. You know, I train in publicbecause I don't want to be surrounded and locked inthe lifestyle to the extreme. I mean, I live init day in, day out.

You know, I'm cooking andtraining and never stepping out of the shoes of being who Iam and that's Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder. So for me, I have my ownsanctuary which is pretty much my office that, you know, here Ilook around at the achievements. I'm surrounded by what mylife from the beginning to now has become. So, for me, it's enough for meand, yes, I have some functioned

equipment in the gym, likecardiovascular and that kind of things, which arenecessary in the morning. I don't want to have to drive tothe gym so that allows me to be able to get in what I need toand, of course, I leave all the weights to the gym. They have the most weights. I like to do variety. You know, I move heavy dumbbellsso, you know, I work anywhere

Bodyweight Workout Routine BUILD MUSCLE AT HOME

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. How about a bodyweight workout that all dependson the outcome of the Super Bowlé Well, that's what we've got here today. Now whether you're watching this tutorial beforethe Super Bowl, during the Super Bowl or after the Super Bowl, you're going to have your work cut out foryou because your workout is going to depend upon what the score of the game is. Now, the average person that watches the SuperBowl will consume on Super Bowl Sunday 2,400

extra calories. That's a lot of calories. So, you can either try to do this during thegame as I'll show you here, or you do it any day after the game, matter of fact, when the game is over, I will post the scoreright here and you'll know exactly what you're going to have to do for the workout basedon what I'm going to describe to you now. So, basically the old Super Bowl pools thatyou're familiar with, you have all the numbers across, zero through nine, zero through nine,one for each team. In this case, Super Bowl 49, the New EnglandPatriots and the Seattle Seahawks. In these

typical pools, you've filled out a box. The numbers get pooled. You have 2 numbers,the last digit in the score, that's what the number is, that's whether or not you win thepool. Well, in this case, oh, you're going to winall right, but you're going to win some bodyweight exercises that you're going to have to do,50 of each one. For zero, we have Archers. You can see medemonstrating here the Archer. You're going to do 50, ok. That 25 to the right, and 25to the left. The numeral 1 here, Hannibal Push Ups. Toughexercise, but this is not an easy workout.

We've got 50 Hannibal Push Ups. Number 2. Scissor Jack Burpees. A right leg,a left leg, switch down to a Burpee. come back up explosive, hard exercise. Number 3. Stair Jumps. If you're working outat home, and you don't have a bench to jump on, pick 2 steps and jump up on those. If you're really just starting out, try topick on just the bottom step and jump up on that. Next one, Number 4, one of the best bodyweightexercises, Pull Ups. Now, if you don't have

somewhere that you can do Pull Ups in a doorway, you should invest in a bar, but if you don't,you could always Pull Up underneath a countertop or an overhang in your house if you have one. Again, buy a Pull Up Bar, they're like 10bucks. The Next thing, Number 5. Single Leg Landmines. Each leg, 50. Ok, So here, demonstrating what it looks like,an explosive lower body movement, 50 coming up on the right, 50 coming up on the left. Next, Number 6. An ab exercise, Hanging LegRaises. Again, a tough exercise. If you're

just starting out, you might want to lightenup that weight that you have to lift. Pull the knees in and do hanging Knee Raisesinstead, but 50 nonetheless. Number 7. Side Kickthroughs. Here, you'vegot 50 on each leg as I demonstrate again this quickfoot, quicktransitional exerciseon the ground athletic. Aim for 50 to each side. Next up, Number 8. Dragon Thrusts. Anothertough ab exercise focusing on that lower ab strength. You're going to kick up and out. Try to makesure that you don't sag in your low back.

Bodybuilding Workouts Program Workout Routines To Build Muscle Fast Mi40x Ben Pakulski

I'm Ben Pakulski IFBB professionalbodybuilder Author of the best selling MI40 systemand patent holder for C.E.P protocol and here's what I'll be handing youtoday inside the MI40 C.E.P training program The first thing you want to do is watchwhat's been called the fastest fiveminute howto tutorial ever made .The MI40 C.E.Prapid start plan

this tutorial is only five minutes it takesme only five minutes to get you started using C.E.P your very first workout so if you likeme and you're in a hurry this tutorial alone is worth its weight ingold and if you like a lot of the guys that I coach guys you want every little detailspelled out so we could mess it up if they tried then here's what else I have for you today.MI40 C.E.P training blueprint

every body part every exercise everyfreaking detail spelled out exactly zero guess work onyour part you always know exactly what to do and precisely how to do it the blueprintis your muscle bible, recreating your physique from head totoe using super simple common sense no BSstyle instructions this isthe only one goal in mind your most muscular ripped and perfectbody inside you'll discover the methods of trainingabsolutely must avoid if you want to

actually look like you lift. face it most guys you train and look atevery freakin soccer something you wanna looking to do with muscle to turn a page 7 as soon as you get theblueprint your hands and discover all the mess up training methods at the magazine's and idiot gym rats have tried to pass off as facts. trust me I guarantee using some not allthese timewasting methods may be far worse in waste your timethey're keeping you from the body want

they literally Hault muscle growth and promote more fat storage you also discover the reason why insist you enjoy your food. even aa C.E.P training a stripping allthe unwanted fat of the body you be laughing in the face of guys doinghours of cardio. Hoping the'll see an one they're lucky wasset you don't need cardio you don't need to overdo it on the dyelisten I know you want to enjoy a few beers with your buddies

and you have better things to do than eatall damn day that's why I made C.E.P training starting nutrition plan so drop dead simple now that's not all yoube receiving today I also why you have private access to myand my MI40 C.E.P training tutorial library I'll be your personal trainer everysingle exercise you So you can be 100% confident you doing C.E.P trainin to go get all the benefits. Yet, the library offers a lot more thanthat. I break every C.E.P training exercise down to three phases

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